AGES 3 through 12 Years

Designed with safety and ability of kids ages 3 through 12 years in mind, the activities in the multi-level playground ensure maximum playability.  With many interactive play elements, kids climb through obstacles, tunnels and slide down slides to keep moving and release energy!

Interactive Play Elements keep kids moving to release energy

Toddler Playground

AGES Infant through 2 Years (under 3)

The toddler area offers a variety of active play elements in a safe, self-contained soft play area.  Kids can crawl, climb and explore on an age appropriate play structure that keeps them moving!  In order to keep the little ones safe, this area is dedicated to toddlers only.

A modern approach to Children’s Fitness through active play

Ball Blaster Zone

AGES 3 through 12 Years

The ball blaster zone features soft foam air-powered ball blasters that encourage interactive play, teamwork and friendly competition.

fun, safe, and clean place for kids to play

Wiggle Track

AGES infant through 12 Years

Wiggle cars are a great way for kids to burn off-energy, as they are kid-powered by turning the steering wheel back and forth the vehicle moves forward. This is a fun way for the kids to get exercise while driving, turning and cruising all over the track!

Play equipment designed with your child in mind

Interactive Game Floor

AGES infant through 12 Years

The interactive game floor brings technology and fitness together!  Kids can interact with floor games using colorful graphics and sounds. The wide variety of fun and active games ensures kids will not get bored and multiple children can play at the same time.

Kids will move and exercise while they are having fun